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Skin ageing is a result of the gradual reduction of the body’s own natural moisturiser, hyaluronic acid. It is hyaluronic acid that stabilises the elastic and collagen fibres of the skin, and protects the cells against free radicals. SQOOM replenishes this moisture reserve. While you can only reach the upper skin layers with conventional cosmetics, SQOOM EFFECT works deep inside your skin, replenishing, revitalising and refreshing with no need for a scalpel or needle. SQOOM is quick, easy and gentle yet highly eff ective. : : CLEANSER: The optimal first stage of the physical SQOOM treatment process, the cleanser prepares the skin with an intensive deep clean which provides moisture and removes impurities. Ideal for inflammatory and problem skin areas. : : XCENTIAL HYAGEL: This innovative anti-ageing gel contains 100% skin friendly, natural, active ingredients. Small Hyaluronic acid particles of low molecular weight are transported to the deep layers of the skin where they fill the hollow spaces caused by the ageing process. Now with new active ingredients, the improved formula better protects against free radicals and provides intensive moisturisation. : : DESPOT: Due to its unique combination of active ingredients, DeSpot is able to prevent and block age spots, to brighten skin areas, regenerate and reconstruct already aged skin and tighten the connective tissue. DeSpot helps counteract symptoms of old age through cell regeneration, detoxification and by capturing free radicals.
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SQOOM antiage:
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